Scott for science

Scott for science

With a semester of teaching under her belt, Rachel Scott, associate professor of biology, is continuing to mold minds within the science department.

Scott, originally from West Monroe, Louisiana, said she had a very firm plan for her life. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology, she was expecting to go to medical school. After her acceptance was denied, she found herself living in confusion.

“I had no idea what God’s plan for me was,” said Scott.

Shortly thereafter, she met a woman who had moved from Conway to West Monroe, who advised her to consider physical therapy rather than med school as it aligned more with her interests.

After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas’ psychical therapy program, Scott worked for Baptist Health in inpatient rehab for 15 years. Her path to CBC started with being a helper for the Spring Fling crawfish boil since 2010 through her connection with former employee Sancy Faulk.

Scott says she was drawn to the field of science because of her grandfather. He was one of the first 100 patients in Louisiana to need a heart transplant. 

“Watching him go through it all really heightened my respect, but also my curiosity in science and medicine,” said Scott. 

While working within the science department, Scott said she has invested in students.

“I do a lot of self-reflecting and each day try to improve what I do,” said Scott.

She believes that one of the most unique things about working at a Christian college is the opportunities she has with her students. 

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