End-of-semester student exhibit – Spring 2024

Welcome to the end-of-semester exhibit where students showcase the best of their work for the semester. Thank you for visiting Tower Media’s website to explore the exhibit. This virtual gallery is the photography exhibit, photography and magazine design contest.

Sponsored by the Department of Communication.

Photography Exhibit

Tower Media photographers submitted a photoboard of images they made this semester. Photographers were Kailey Sullivan, Abby Wilson, Tyler Fitzgerald, Ahna Merrell, Josh Ramirez, Thaylia Ramirez, Candyce Slayton, Ethan Smith and Paige West. The photoboards are for exhibition only and not for voting.

Photography Contest

Voting is now closed.

There are five entries in the photography contest. Keep scrolling to see all of the exhibits.

Photo 1: Tarma, Peru

Photo 2: Gloomy Day

Photo 3: Cedar Falls

Photo 4: God’s Masterpiece

Photo 5: Streets of Havana

Magazine Design Contest

Voting is now closed.

Magazine 1: Arkansas Duck Hunting

Magazine 2: Bieber Fever

Magazine 3: Big Island Baseball

Magazine 4: Detoxified

Magazine 5: Father of Sports

Magazine 6: Passion for Fashion

Magazine 7: Unforgettable Occasions

Thank you for viewing the exhibit from the Department of Communication. Be sure to watch for Gallery X at the end of next semester!


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