Winter Jam or homecoming?

Winter Jam or homecoming?

Homecoming or Winter Jam? Could CBC students have attended both events without too much stress? Or were there only two choices?
Most people did not consider what they were going to do about the given situation, but making it to Winter Jam on time was possible. The CBC men’s basketball game started at 3:00 p.m., and if the game was theoretically two hours long, that means that one could get to Verizon Arena in less than an hour to catch the show at 6:00 p.m. This plan only worked out if traffic was not too heavy.
I posted a poll on my Instagram story on Sunday night before homecoming week and, within 24 hours, there was a 79% vote that people were going to homecoming. Whenever I asked people in person, I got the same, general response. Sophomore Sarah Clemmons said she would most likely go back to Winter Jam considering that she loved the concert when Lecrae was performing. On the other hand, freshman Reese Hammontree prefers the atmosphere of basketball games but has never been to Winter Jam.
It would seem that there was not enough interest in Winter Jam to cause a scheduling conflict for most students. While some made plans to maneuver this situation, two out of eleven students I polled said they were going to Winter Jam. The other nine were either required to attend homecoming or had never heard of Winter Jam.
In conclusion, homecoming seemed to be the top priority among students.

Graphic made in Adobe Spark by Caity Baker-Worsley

Basketball photos by Emilee Brown


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