<strong>Fine Arts: Lights, camera, action</strong> Photo by Hannah Varnado

Fine Arts: Lights, camera, action

You may have heard a band play at a football game, seen a student practicing their ballet moves or even watched one of your favorite musicals. These all have one thing in common and that thing is they are represented in the fine arts department. 

Donna Bradley, adjunct instructor and music/interim band director, taught choral pedagogy and special topics in vocal pedagogy in the fall. Fine arts is something Bradley says she has a passion for. 

“I think most people are drawn to major in the arts because of their love for it,” said Bradley. “For me, it was both my love for music and my love of students and the desire to teach them something that I loved.”

Bradley goes on to share a few skills that someone can learn through a fine arts degree. 

“There are so many skills that arts teach students,” said Bradley. “To me, some of the most important things students learn through being involved in the arts are creativity, teamwork and collaboration with others, perseverance and problem solving skills.”

Freshman Anna Battenfield hopes that her degree in the fine arts can help her become an elementary music teacher after CBC. 

“I’m majoring in music because I’ve always had a passion for music,” said Battenfield. “From an early age music has had an effect on me, whether it be listening to music in the car or singing in church!” 

Senior A.J. Woodraska firmly believes that when he joined the fine arts department at CBC, it was like joining a second family.  Woodraska plans on pursuing a career as a high school music teacher/choir director. 

“I’ve learned so much about music and performing, I never thought about or understood before,” said Woodraska. “More than that I have learned to become a better public speaker, and gained teamwork skills, time management skills and self discipline skills in which I can apply to any area of my life.”


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