Social Studies: it’s not just in the past Photo by Abby Wilson

Social Studies: it’s not just in the past

Dusty Bender, humanities and fine arts department chair, said that social studies or humanities in general teaches skills that can be used in any career field.

“Skills like research, communication, taking large volumes of information and processing it, and more are crucial and critical in almost any career,” said Bender. “Our graduates can graduate and go into a number of fields including business and communications, or even become a social studies teacher.”

Senior Blake Bradshaw is majoring in social studies and says he knows that no matter what career he chooses, the skills he learned from being in the social studies department will help anywhere. Blake Duffield, social studies department chair, was also a big reason why Bradshaw continued with this degree.

“I majored in history because I was going to become a coach and teach history,” said Bradshaw. “I fell in love with history when I had my first class with Dr. Duffield. The way he lectures and explains everything made me love the subject. I find it extremely interesting knowing how the events that occurred in the past set the foundation for how the world is today.”


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