Emily Gentry Photo by Hannah Varnado

Emily Gentry

Where are you from? Greenbrier, AR

Classification: Freshman

Major/Minor:  Psychology & Social Services / Communication

Desired job: Working with families at a non-profit or a Pregnancy Resource Center

What do you do outside of class: I play the clarinet in band and I’m in worship choir. I’m part of the Perspective worship team and chapel band. I love to paint, and it always makes my day just to spend time with my dogs. I will also be on SOS next year!

Birthday: February 9th, 2004

Favorite emoji: 🤩

Favorite Food/snack: Chocolate ice cream

Favorite Sonic Drink: Strawberry Limeade

Go to restaurant: Bulgogi

Video shot and edited by Dillon Hall


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    Dillon Hall is the videographer/video editor for tower web. He is a senior majoring in Bible with a minor in Christian care and youth ministry.

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  • Hannah Varnado

    Hannah Varnado is a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in missions. She is not only a reporter for Tower Web but is a photographer and the Station Manager.

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