Natural sciences and mathematics: making it count Photo by Abigail Weihe

Natural sciences and mathematics: making it count

Senior Abigail Barker said she has a passion for wanting to help and make a difference in the lives of premature infants and high risk pregnancies.

“The science and math department allows for so many learning opportunities and experiences,” said Barker. “There’s so many advantages to having a degree in science and math including research, education, going into health care, discovering, etc!” 

Barker plans on going to medical school for neonatal or obstetrics/gynecology after CBC. 

The science and math department reflects the goodness of God’s creation according to Mi-seon Seong, associate professor of the department of Math and Science.

“There are many secure professional jobs in a science and math field,” said Seong. “We explore the creation in depth, which leads to understanding God’s awesomeness at a deeper level.”

Seong then goes on to give a list of what students can do with a science and math degree after college. 

“It varies depending on the field students are interested in,” said Seong. “Working for biotech companies as a research tech or researcher. Going into the health science field.”

Junior Ashley Henderson said she always felt led to pursue a degree in science. 

“Anyone thinking about joining the science and math department should get involved asap,” said Henderson. “It is a great way to expand your personal and professional knowledge and skills. Also all of the professors in the science and math department are always willing to help. They are the best!”


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