Robyn Wilson

Robyn Wilson

Freshman Robyn Wilson, from Fairfield Bay, AR, is currently majoring in psychology and social services with the intention of being a police officer for child protective services.

Wilson says that her passion for children and helping those who need is what makes her so determined to fulfill her future plans. She attributes her love for all children, especially the ones who aren’t receiving the attention they need, to her parents and her friends over the years.  

“[My family is] everything to me,” says Wilson. “My parents and I are really close, and they play a big role [in my life].”

Wilson’s compassion for children grew when she would listen to her parents talk about the children and the condition the children came in at the hospital they nursed at.  

After talking with some of her friends, Wilson learned that there are specific divisions that are more beneficial for the child in situations that required them to be removed from the household, like the Crimes Against Children Division. This discussion made her decide to become a police officer for child protective services.  

Wilson’s proudest achievement is her collection of archery awards.

“You have to learn how to take care of your bow. You have to learn how to take care of your arrows. It’s not easy,” says Wilson.

Wilson is also a part of the CBC worship choir. Wilson is happy that she’s not the only alto in the choir, like she was in high school, and has more people to sing alongside her.

Photo by Caity Baker-Worsley


Food: Mac-N-Cheese, Great Northern Beans and Spinach

Color: Purple, Grey

Animal: Wolf/Husky Mix

Class: General Psychology, Survey of the Old Testament

Movie: Any of the Harry Potter’s- Especially, Prisoner of Azkaban

TV Show: Doctor Who

Book: A Touch of Betrayal by Catherine Palmer

Music Genre: Country

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