Communication: reporting now Photo by Hannah Varnado

Communication: reporting now

 You may have read a local newspaper, seen an Instagram post for a town event, or even listened to a podcast about caring for your pet. These all have one thing in common and that thing is they are represented in the communication department. 

Ann Gardner, communication department chair and faculty adviser of Tower Media, believes what is taught in her department are basic communication skills that help with any kind of media.

“Communication is a very practical degree. The skills you learn are applicable in almost any field,” Gardner says. “You come away with a good foundation of what the media is, the right way to do it, and how to be a part of it.”

For junior Tyler Fitzgerald, he says a communication degree allows him to turn his interests into a career one day. 

“I am a communication major because I love working on photography and videography. I have a passion for creativity and I love showcasing it to others,” says Fitzgerald. 

Not only does Gardner oversee the communication department, but she also advises CBC’s student media. 

“We have our own media outlet, Tower Media. It’s not required for students who major/minor in communication, but we encourage them to be a part of it,” Gardener says. “Many times we have people from other departments who also want to be a part of Tower Media, and that’s fine because you can learn these skills on the job and apply them to your own degree. They also look really good on a resume.”

Freshman Lydia Dunlap, Tower Social Media content creator, said she enjoys making posts and making new friends. Her position has helped her learn skills that she now uses at her new job.

“The Tower has been a great way for me to learn social media and I recently got a new job working in that field,” Dunlap says. “I put the Tower on my resume and they hired me for that experience. It’s been a great avenue to learn new skills that I can use later in my career.” 


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