Students react to new Bibles Photo by Kailey Sullivan

Students react to new Bibles

At the first chapel of the academic year, President Terry Kimbrow notified the students of the chapel theme, “A Biblical Worldview.” At the end of his message, he announced that every single student at CBC would receive a Worldview Study Bible, which were all provided by an anonymous donor. 

Freshman Charity Barone said she is excited to read one of the 130 essays written by Christian scholars. Barone was surprised to find out the Bibles had been donated. 

“It’s a huge blessing for one because, like I said, that’s valuable information and the fact that they were generous enough to donate to us so that we can have that information, have that knowledge, that’s a blessing,” said Barone. 

Barone believes it is amazing how those who go to CBC that may not have a Bible are now able to read God’s Word. 

Senior Victor Chukwueke shares that he is very grateful that the school gave the students a complete Bible that is easier to understand. 

“I really like that CBC did that and I think it’s very beneficial to us students and to the whole college,” said Chukwueke.

Senior Alejandro Mas shares his take on the Bibles and the anonymous donor who was gracious enough to financially cover the cost.

“It was really kind and generous because not a lot of people really do that for schools like this,” said Mas, “I thought it was a really nice thing to give out Bibles to everybody at the school.”


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