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70th homecoming court named

With homecoming rapidly approaching, the school is sticking to tradition for their 70th anniversary. While new and exciting events are being planned, students can still look forward to the annual event of homecoming court and its crowning, beginning on Saturday, Jan. 29 in the A.R. Reddin Fieldhouse at 1 p.m..

For the freshman, being named to the homecoming court is an exciting experience and a great honor. 

Gracie Sparks


Gracie Sparks is a freshman. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in Bible. She is a part of the worship choir, chamber choir, and Singers. 

“I am excited about being on court,”said Sparks, who added she “definitely” did not expect to be selected.

Eden Brister


Eden Brister is a freshman here at Central Baptist College. She is currently undecided on her major, but is minoring in Christian care.

 “I am super excited,” Brister said. “I’ve grown up around CBC, so I’m super excited to finally be a part of it.” Brister’s father is Aaron Brister, the baseball coach on campus.

Sierra Burrow


Homecoming court is a new experience for some, but not for sophomore Sierra Burrow. She is majoring in psychology and counseling and minoring in social services. She is active on campus, serving as a resident assistant. As well, she is a leadership student who is involved with SOS. She is also involved with Tower Radio. 

“I am very thankful and blessed to be on homecoming court for CBC. Just really thankful for people voting for me.”

Hannah Varnado


Hannah Varnado is a sophomore. She is from Franklinton, Louisiana, and is currently majoring in psychology and counseling and minoring in missions. She is also a leadership student and works in the advancement office. She is a member of the Tower Web staff, the Tower photography staff, and the Tower radio staff. 

“I am excited about being on court,” said Varnado. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but it is a big honor to be representing the sophomore class.” 

Jordan Wilkie


Getting selected to be on court is not a new experience for junior Jordan Wilkie. She is an elementary education major. She is active on campus, as she is a resident assistant, a leadership scholar, and is occasionally in the chapel band.

 “Blessed to be able to represent our class,” said Wilkie.

Autumn Herring


Autumn Herring is a 20-year-old junior. She is majoring in health science and minoring in kinesiology. 

 “I am so excited to be on homecoming this year,” said Herring. “I am just really looking forward to representing CBC, I love everything CBC stands for and it’s just really an honor to be chosen by my peers.”

For the senior class, three students are selected, but only one will be crowned as queen.

Katelynn Blacklaw


Katelynn Blacklaw is a senior majoring in education. She is a member of SOS.

“I am humbled and shocked that I made homecoming court,” said Blacklaw.

Mallory Guyton


Mallory Guyton is a senior going on her fourth year on court. She is majoring in communication and minoring in business. As well, she is a part of Singers, worship choir, and chamber choir. As well, she is Tower Media photo editor. 

“I enjoy being on homecoming court and getting to represent my school and my class. It also gives me a chance to get to know some other girls in other classes that I maybe haven’t met yet,” said Guyton. 

Guyton said came from a high school where there were 600 students per class, so she never got the chance to be involved in something like this.

“I am so thankful for CBC and the opportunities there are here.”

Elizabeth Riley


Senior Elizabeth Riley is going on her fourth year on court. She is involved with SOS, and she also works in the admissions office. She is also involved in all three choirs on campus. She is majoring in communication and minoring in Bible. 

“I’m really excited for the opportunity and thankful and blessed for all of the people that have voted for me to give me this opportunity,” said Riley.

All photos are courtesy of Phillip Ashworth.


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