New year, new team Photo by Katelyn Blacklaw

New year, new team

The CBC men’s baseball team welcomes roughly 30 new freshmen to the team this fall. Assistant Coach Frank Lee said he started off apprehensive about the recruiting process of the freshmen.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Lee. “Fortunately for me, I went out last summer and even in the fall to see a few kids. We were able to sign several freshmen back in the fall and winter before COVID-19 hit, but after all my years of recruiting this past year might have been the easy recruiting job I have, because so many kids were reaching out to us, because their high school season was ending, they were trying to find a place to play, and they had not been seen up to that point.” 

Lee also said how the environment changed since the freshmen have joined the team. 

“It has been wonderful. This group that came in are very social. They communicate great with each other, and they appear to be the jelly of any group we had so far as well.”

“The bonds that the freshmen team has built is strong this year” according to Tyle Luck. The freshmen have put in countless hours making sure that the team chemistry on the field isn’t unbalanced. 

“The upperclassmen were cool, they took me in, it’s just a good environment,” said Wyatt Morton. “So far it has been like a family,” said Keaton Bates.

 The Athletes have high goals for this year’s season, as of ‘getting their batting and swinging down and speed up’ they are willing to work hard to get there. A typical day of practice for the men’s baseball team is working on the field for a couple of hours and at night hitting the weight room. For aspiring baseball players, the athletes believe that they have to work hard, grind, and go for it.  

“Know that if you want to make it happen, you have to make it happen not to sit around waiting until it shows up,” said Kollin Kendrick.



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