Contact sport challenges during COVID-19

Contact sport challenges during COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, there have been many different changes within the CBC wrestling team. One of the biggest changes is an emphasis on hygiene. 

“One of the rules set aside is the increase of hygiene. Guys have to shower before and after being on the mat at practice,” said head wrestling coach Ken Prophete. 

The team is also having to stay in designated groups of teammates, along with COVID screenings every day. 

“Our guys are grouped up when they lift, grouped up when they practice to control contact tracing,” said Prophete. “Staying safe with screenings, and making sure they are around each other, and not anywhere they shouldn’t be.”

Although the team has to follow some new guidelines, Raivyn Alicea, assistant wrestling coach, says that they will have a strong season regardless. 

“The wrestling season looks very promising. We have a couple good recruits from out of state that just came in,” said Alicea. “We got a new recruiting coach and he has really changed the program and he’s only been here for a couple months so we are looking at, at least an AMC (American Midwest Conference) title.”

For freshman Dusty Reasons, this wrestling has had a great start.  

“My wrestling experience has been good so far. I love my teammates and the atmosphere. I get pushed to be better everyday,” said Reasons.  

Reasons said that not much has changed with regards to COVID-19 and the wrestling team. The biggest change is the daily COVID screenings each day. 

Overall, the team is determined to stay as safe as possible during the pandemic. 

“They understand that in order to compete this season, they have to be extremely smart about their social life, social distancing and staying clean,” said Prophete. 


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