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Lady Mustangs vs. The Fighting Scots

On Friday, Oct. 5, the Lady Mustangs volleyball team was challenged by the Fighting Scots from Lyon College. They played a total of three sets before the Fighting Scots took the win for the night. The overall scores of the night were 11-25 for set one, 18-25 for set two and 21-25 for set three.

Sara Mitchell, head women’s volleyball coach, sees this as a chance for the team to grow.

“There are multiple things that we’re going to work on, [but] they’re very small things. We believe [in] working [on] the little things and not worrying about the outcome. Of course, everyone wants to win, we want to win, but we have to worry about doing little things right,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said that they are working hard in practice to improve their communication with each other, coverage around the court, predicting and being ready while the ball is on the opposing side, and being quicker in reaction when the ball comes over the net.  

“coverage, communication, reading what’s going on, [on] the other side, and being quicker in reactions.”

“The most challenging [thing] was just not being able to finish through and produce [results like] we know we can,” said junior Kobie Hartman.

A strength that Mitchell addressed was their improvement over their season. Mitchell is watching them improve with each game and is looking forward to see what the rest of the season has in store for them.

Photo by Marcela Bueno


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