Five Below

Five Below

Alejandro Mendoza

Do you need some cheap gifts for dirty Santa or some last-minute Halloween decorations? Try Five Below, near Sam’s Club and Books-A-Million.

Everything in stock is below the price of five dollars like the name implies. The various products they sell are sure to appeal to numerous college students in Conway: candy, clothes, makeup, all at a low-cost that could fit a college student budget.

The one major drawback is the foods they sell are limited to just candies and snacks. If you’re looking for food to cook or store until your next paycheck, then this might not be the store to frequent. Although, if you need some snack food, or are suffering from a sweet-tooth syndrome, then this store will gladly fill you with the desired sweet treats that you crave.

The amount of odd and obscure items you can find at Five Below is worth mentioning, because they may be items you have never seen before. Given the pros and cons of the store, I’d rank it a three out five stars due to the broad yet somewhat limited products they sell.

Caity Baker-Worsley

Imagine walking into a mini Wal-Mart that’s as cheap as Dollar General. That’s what Five Below was like.

It was spacious with various products that are as eye-catching as they are interesting and fun. They had a variety of items for men, like tech gear for your computers, for women, like decor and makeup and for children, like with toys and candy. The atmosphere was very friendly and inviting. More often than not, it sucked me deeper and deeper into the store as I eyed each aisle with “oohs” and “ahhs”. It was nice and clean, which is unexpected in a store like this.

Although the products were inexpensive, they showed promise with how they were represented on the isles. They not only sold off-brand items, but they even sold name-brand items. If you wanted some of the name-brand products, then you’ll have to be ready to part with at least three to five dollars.

After purchasing a fragile looking stress ball, I’ve found that it still hasn’t broken on me and works very well.  Although they don’t have as great of a choice and quality products as many other stores nearby, I still give it a four out of five-star rating. It’s a great store for people who live on a budget and still want quality products.

Photo by Melody Siebenmann 


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