Ranking the holidays

Ranking the holidays

Holidays bring us joy in many different ways, join junior Grace Vandergriff and senior Cayce Harper as they rank five of the most celebrated national holidays from least favorite to favorite, discovering what makes each one special to them.

Grace Vandergriff

5. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been a favorite holiday of mine and might possibly be my least favorite holiday. I am the definition of a hopeless romantic but this holiday just isn’t it. I know and fully believe that love is not just romantic, but, as much as we all say you can spend the holiday talking about the love of your friends or even Christ, it’s still just not the same. Also, without getting too somber, my grandfather passed away this October and his birthday is on Valentine’s Day so it definitely has taken a toll on how I feel about the holiday.

4. Fourth of July

Isn’t it ironic that the Fourth of July ranks number four for me? Not that anything is really wrong with the holiday, I just don’t come from a family where we do the party or the crazy firework show. I have spent many years just at my house or working at events. I love spending time with my family, it’s just not a huge day for me like I know it is for lots of people.

3. Halloween

Halloween versus the Fourth of July was a tough choice. For me, I enjoy the costumes but, as I’ve grown up, Halloween has just become a normal day for me at this point. I really don’t dress up anymore and I don’t even like candy. However, there was one thing that made Halloween rank higher. That would simply be the songs “Calling All the Monsters” by China Ann McClain from the Disney Channel show “A.N.T. Farm”, and “Fearless” and “Had Me @ Hello,” which are both from the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Girl vs. Monster”. These songs make me enjoy the holiday a little more.

2. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is where you see a turn in how I have felt up to this point. I love Thanksgiving and just how it starts the holiday season. My family every year goes up to Missouri where my dad’s side of the family lives. These are some of my favorite people on Earth, and Thanksgiving week is one of two times I get to see them every year. I also, of course, have to mention the food. Rolls and macaroni and cheese are two of my favorite foods ever, so getting to eat lots of both dishes is definitely a win for me. 

1. Christmas

If you know me personally, this should not come as a shock at all. I love Christmas so much, almost to the point where it becomes my personality. I am a person who believes the Christmas season starts on Nov. 1. If you thought I was passionate about Halloween songs, you have no idea when it comes to Christmas music. Music is such a big passion of mine and Christmas is easily my favorite holiday ever, so to combine those things, it just makes me so joyful. I could talk for hours about why I love Christmas, giving gifts, putting up decorations and especially Christmas music. Also, Christmas is a time when I know I always get to see and be with everyone in my immediate family. Ever since I came to college, it’s rare for all of us to be together. Of course, the main reason I love Christmas is the reason for the season, that Christ was born. I love Christmas so much and, I’m just saying, I could not name a time when I was sad on Christmas Day. 

Cayce Harper

5. Valentine’s Day

Last place for me is Valentine’s Day. If you know me, you know that I am single as a pringle. Valentine’s Day is made for love birds. Also, I feel like on Valentine’s Day, there aren’t as many things you could do other than giving someone a card, flowers, chocolate, or going on a date. Valentine’s Day for me feels like just another ordinary day.

4. Thanksgiving

I love food and hanging out with family. As a kid, I would have told you that Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays, but now it is lower on my list for a few reasons. One reason is that, although it is a time to reflect and be thankful for the things you have and the people in your life, this is something you should be doing every day. Also, as a person who loves to feast on Thanksgiving, it is a meal that you genuinely could have any time of the year. Another reason is because I consider Thanksgiving and Christmas a joint holiday. When November hits, I refer to Thanksgiving and Christmas as “the Holiday season.”

3. Christmas

Putting Christmas at number three was a really tough decision for me because I genuinely love Christmas, but I have to say that I consider Christmas a full season. I love the decorations, movies, music and overall celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus. I think one of the reasons why Christmas is not my number one or two is because it is in the winter season and I personally love summer.

2. Halloween

Halloween has always been a consistent top two holiday for me. I love the movies, the decorations, the candy, getting to dress up and be creative with fun and wacky costumes, the haunted houses, etc. Also, I miss the thrill of running from house to house to trick or treat. Halloween always provided a fun and cool thing to look forward to in the middle of the first semester of the school year.

1. Fourth of July

Fourth of July is my current favorite holiday for many reasons. I love my country and the freedom that it stands for. I love getting to hang out with family and friends and do crazy fun stuff like go to the lake, grill out, pop firecrackers and deck out in my crazy red, white and blue outfit. Also, summer is my favorite season and the Fourth of July is right at the perfect time in the summer. There are also many activities on the Fourth of July that you could do like watermelon eating contests, cornhole tournaments, swimming, parades, festivals, etc.


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