Pumpkin kisses and autumn wishes Photo by Abby Gresham

Pumpkin kisses and autumn wishes

Fall. Autumn. Harvest season. Although this time of year can go by many names, it also has different meanings to different people. Some think fall is the perfect time to go outside, wear sweaters and play around in a giant leaf pile. For others, their ideal day may just be sitting at home with a cup of apple cider under the covers. Whatever fits your fancy, it’s a personal tradition to get excited about. 

For freshman Kailee Walker, she has a fall tradition that is near and dear to her heart. 

“We have a Friendsgiving where we all bring food and enjoy time with each other and dress up,” Walker says.

Not only does Walker have a tradition that she is extremely passionate about, she also does have hopes to start another one as well with two other freshmen.

“Me, Halle Schroeder and Kenzie Hanks are going to start one by carving pumpkins,” Walker says.

Sophomore Jackie Cortez says her fall tradition is pumpkin carving. 

“My favorite memory would have to be my elementary school taking my pre-K class on a field trip to the Texas Dewberry Farm,” she said. “ There was a pumpkin patch, a hayride, you got to feed goats.”

Although many define fall as the time for pumpkin carving and Halloween decorating, there is one person who has a sports passion. 

“My favorite fall tradition is playing soccer tournaments,” says sophomore Julissa Arevalo. “They are just a lot of fun memories with my teammates and adventures with my mom.” 


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