A series in Judges: Deborah

A series in Judges: Deborah

Throughout the book of Judges, God chooses to use people who are typically looked down on by society to fulfill his purposes. While others judge these people, the Lord equips them to achieve the victory over their enemies. 

Shamgar is only mentioned twice in the entire Bible, yet his leadership saves the people of Israel. With an oxgoad, commonly known as a cattle prod, Shamgar slays 600 Philistines. 

The next chapter introduces another unlikely deliverer. Deborah, a prophetess, summons Barak the warrior to take up arms and prepare for battle. The Lord commands Barak to defeat the enemy general Sisera and his army. 

Barak replies that if Deborah doesn’t join him, he won’t go into battle. As a result, the Lord relays that the victor’s glory will no longer belong to Barak, but to a woman. 

As Sisera’s army wages war against Barak and the Israelites, the Lord grants Israel success in killing every soldier in the Caananite’s army. Sisera flees on foot in search of a safe place to find rest. 

When he approaches the tent of a woman named Jael, he hopes to find safety as she welcomes him in and offers him refreshments. As Sisera drifts off to sleep, Jael takes a tent peg and drives it through his temples, nailing him to the ground. 

When the enemy king comes searching for Sisera, Jael opens the tent to reveal the fallen enemy general. As a result of his death, the Israelites defeat the Canaanite army and live in peace again. 

Through the stories of Deborah and Jael, we see that God is able and willing to use unconventional methods to accomplish his will. We also see that when leaders don’t step up to take responsibility, the Lord raises up other leaders in their place. 

While God’s will is not dependent on our obedience, our obedience allows us to have a part in accomplishing his will in leading others to glorify his name.


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