The emotional significance of your car

The emotional significance of your car

You shouldn’t buy a car just because it is practical. You should buy a car because you truly appreciate it and love the vehicle. The automobile is a gift that God has given us. It is something that becomes a big part of most people’s lives. If you own a vehicle, you probably spend most of your time in it.

 The trap that I see people fall into is getting a car purely for convenience, practicality, fuel mileage, etc. but not really taking time to think about the enjoyment, the sentiment or the emotion that can go into obtaining a new vehicle. 

At one point, I didn’t want the truck that my parents were going to let me drive throughout college, which is the vehicle I drive now. I was more concerned about a more practical vehicle with better gas mileage that I could afford to drive. 

Once I got more acquainted with my truck and got more comfortable driving it, I slowly began to realize that it was more than just a truck. This is the spot where I spend more time consistently in one place than anywhere else, except probably my bed. I’ve made a lot of great memories, gone to a lot of great places, and done some great things with my truck that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t have it. 

With all these things, I’m not the only one who has had this type of connection with my truck. It has almost become a part of the family in the same way a dog can. 

Jeremy Clarkson, a major name in the automotive community, has said that a car is much more than just a machine, it is a living entity. While this is not literally true, it certainly can feel that way if you have a car that can contain such personality that can be so enjoyable that it becomes more than just a machine.


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