Education: teaching the future

Education: teaching the future

Delena Thompson, education department chair, said that being a teacher or administrator is one of the No. 1 ways to touch the lives of others.

“Education provides the tools necessary to train yourself for just about any career other than teaching,” said Thompson. “These tools include communication, presentation, research, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration to name a few.”

Junior Mollie Johnson is majoring in education because she wants to become an elementary teacher. 

“The education department is the best!!” said Johnson. “My professors encourage and expect the best out of their students and want us to have an understanding of not just teaching the content but understanding the difficult process of what goes unseen by everyone else.”

Senior Caleb Allen said God has laid it on his heart to use his talents to help teach the next generation of music students.

“After I get married and graduate, my current plans are to follow God wherever he leads,” said Allen. “Hopefully that will be me having a teaching position somewhere, and wherever I end up I want to be involved in a church in either a volunteer or a bivocational position.” 


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