Business: Let’s get down to it Photo by Abigail Weihe

Business: Let’s get down to it

Beth Cantrell, business department chair, said that everything in life relates to business.

“A degree in business offers many professional opportunities. A business graduate can work in any industry that he or she finds interesting,” said Cantrell. “All of our classes are taught with a Christian worldview, providing a foundation for ethical behavior.”

According to Cantrell, careers in business can include public and private accounting, banking and financial services, supply chain management, logistics, sales and marketing, social media marketing, event planning, purchasing, human resource management, hospitality and tourism, information technology management, construction management, public policy and politics, higher education, and more. 

Senior Erica Hawkins is using her business degree in preparation for law school. She took college credits in high school so she could graduate college in three years.

“In August of 2022 I got the score I needed for law school and then started applying. I was accepted into William H. Bowen University of Arkansas School of Law and Cecil Humphrey Law School. I have decided to go with William H. Bowen Law,” said Hawkins.

A business degree has allowed Hawkins to pursue law and has taught her skills that she can use in that field and in general life. 

“I’ve always had a passion for business and the inner workings of it all. It’s such a broad field, I felt that it would give me many opportunities to succeed,” said Hawkins. “I want to go to Law school because I want to make a change. I feel the best way to do that is to put myself in a position to have opportunities to influence others and that is through law school.”


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