Kinesiology: get active Photo by Abigail Weihe

Kinesiology: get active

Kinesiology is one of the largest departments on campus. This department offers a background in either exercise science or sports management. . 

Aaron Brister, kinesiology department chair, said kinesiology helps people who may be having trouble with their bodies due to sports or other physical activities.

“There are many professionals that fall under the umbrella of kinesiology,” said Brister. 

These include physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports management, sport marketing, sport law, exercise physiology, personal trainer, chiropractor, sport psychology, physical education and coaching. 

Freshman Caelyn Pettis is majoring with a degree in the kinesiology department because he wants to become a physical therapist. 

“I want to attend PT school after I graduate at CBC, become a physical therapist and go on to help others through my career,” he said.

Junior Austin Teal says he loves kinesiology because of all the interesting classes.

“Someone should join the kinesiology department because the professors are flexible and are very good at teaching the material,” said Teal. “I plan to go to pharmacy school at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences after CBC. My kinesiology degree will help me through pharmacy school and with my plans as being a personal trainer as well.” 


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