What about the Singles?

What about the Singles?

Valentine’s Day. A day full of chocolate, roses, and romance. But what about all the single people?

This year, freshman Jessica Manary says that she will be spending Valentine’s Day by doing Galentine’s with her fellow Dickson Hall girls and calling her parents to see how their Valentine’s Day is going.

Manary and her family are from Romania and how they celebrate Valentine’s Day is a little different from how we celebrate. The men will give all the ladies in their lives flowers and a pin or brooch of some sort with a white and red string that symbolizes victory and vitality.

“It’s called Martisor and it’s usually celebrated in the first week of March and the literal translation is ‘Little March’. They didn’t even celebrate it till we got there,” said Manary.

Manary also adds that, at a banquet, couples play games like him or her, who can find the most couples in the Bible, and who can find the Bible verse about love and whoever wins gets a prize.

“For the banquet in Romania, the guys ask the girl that they like and if you’re single then you can ask a really good friend that’s a girl,” said Manary.

Dickson Hall girls exchanging Valentine gifts.
Photo by Jessica Sawyer

Junior Preston Jones says that he plans on playing intramural volleyball on Valentine’s Day with some of his fellow classmates.

“I will probably spend Valentine’s Day like any other normal Tuesday,” said Jones.

Jones also adds that Valentine’s Day gives couples an excuse to spend time together.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a good day that forces some couples to have a good date night, which is much needed sometimes,” said Jones.

Junior Alexandra Young says that she will mostly likely be in the library on Valentine’s Day, working on homework because the holiday falls on a Tuesday.

Young also says that her being single has brought her closer to God and has allowed not only her relationship but her love for God to grow.

“He was my big relationship. He was the one that I fell in love with and was the first one to take my heart before anyone else could take it,” said Young.

Young also says, “I would’ve rather fallen in love with God first than a human. He can never break my heart so I’m glad that he took it first before anyone else could break it.”

Some singles on Valentine’s Day resent it because they don’t want to be alone. These three singles don’t hate it but they don’t love it either. They enjoy hanging out with friends and not stressing about the pressures of getting something for their significant other for Valentine’s Day, but, for the most part, it feels like any other day.

Photo by Jessica Sawyer



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