Is Crumbl Cookie worth your money? Photo by Abigail Weihe

Is Crumbl Cookie worth your money?

Crumbl Cookie has taken Conway-if not the world-by storm. 

It has become a tradition for me and many other students to visit Crumbl weekly. This is due to the fact that Crumbl routinely rotates their featured flavors.

The flavors I have tried range from Almost Everything Bagel to Minion-themed Dirt Cake. I think they are getting a bit too carried away calling a holeless bagel a cookie.

The environment of Crumbl reminds me of Grandma’s house if Grandma got ahold of some Red Bull. The workers are busy making and boxing orders of cookies, but they always have time to extend a warm greeting.

My favorite flavor is Cookie Dough. I know you may think I’m crazy, but trust me. The warm outer chocolate chip cookie cradles cold cookie dough on the inside. It is truly a thing of beauty.

I used to be from the school of thought that nothing bad could come from the oven of Crumbl. That all changed the moment I discovered the Almost Everything Bagel seasoned cookie. It is quite literally an abomination. The moment it touched my lips buyers remorse gripped me like a child grips their beloved teddy bear. My taste buds will forever regret this experience.

Now to the question that we all want to know: How much does Crumbl cost? A single cookie costs about $5, a four-pack box around $15, a six-pack box around $23 and a party box at a whopping $39. Pricey, but I think it’s worth it. As long as it’s an occasional treat and you go in for the discounted multicookie deals, you won’t be disappointed.


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