Candyce’s take on… overrated things

Candyce’s take on… overrated things

There are awesome things in life that deserve the hype they get. Other things, not so much. Here are a few things that I believe are very overrated. 

First up, I’m going to start with a few cars that I believe are popular for no reason. Jeep Wranglers look cool, but they get terrible gas mileage and do not drive smoothly at all. Although Jeep Gladiators are slowly growing on me, I still think they are very ugly. I understand that the U.S. wants to eliminate gas-emitting vehicles, but Teslas are way too expensive and just don’t look good. 

Next up, brands. I do not understand the point of expensive designer clothing or accessories when the only reason it’s expensive is the brand name on it. Sure, the quality of Lululemon is there, I just don’t understand the price tag. I don’t understand spending thousands of dollars on a designer handbag when I can get a $10 purse from Walmart and it works just as well. 

To end, these things are overrated, but worth a mention: Snapchat, Stanley cups, Kanye West, concerts, bacon, the beach, Panda Express and coffee.


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