Student worship night held to spark campus revival

Student worship night held to spark campus revival

Worship night was held on Tuesday night, Oct. 23, in the community room in the Mabee Student Services Complex. This event was planned by many of the SOAP Bible study group leaders and students on campus with the hope of inspiring revival.

Senior Kaylyn Shankle, the leader of SOAP, was one of the students that helped organize the worship night. She said that this event was not associated with SOAP at all.

“This [worship night] was just one body of Christ coming together to be able to worship Christ together,” said Shankle. “I did plan worship night, but it wasn’t just me. Several of the SOAP leaders were a part of helping, even though it wasn’t SOAP affiliated.”

Shankle said that the purpose of worship night was to speak to students by letting them know that the Lord is trying to do something and the time to act on revival is now.

“We had worship night because as a leader on campus I felt that the Lord was wanting us to be bolder in our faith,” said Shankle. “[We can be bolder] by offering more opportunities for people who know Jesus, and people who don’t, to be able to worship Him and know more about Him.”

Freshman Jace Farrior, one of the students present at the worship night, said that he learned what he could do to improve his walk with Christ.

“I think that [the message] made me realize that there are some idols in my life that I need to put aside to strengthen my relationship with Christ,” said Farrior. “It was a good time of fellowship afterwards [as well]…being able to talk to fellow believers and unify ourselves together.”

Another student at worship night was freshman Sophie Davis who felt that being at worship night brought all of the students closer together.

“My favorite part was definitely the worship because it was really awesome to hear all of the voices come together to sing praises to God,” said Davis. “Just being able to freely open [up] and express yourself, however, you wanted to in worship, and not care what anyone else was thinking because we’re all there for the same purpose [of worship]…I felt very comfortable and no weight was in me.”

Sophomore Jarrett Maxwell, who gave the message, said that the reason for worship night was to start a revival on campus.

“It is unclear as of yet as to how [worship night] has impacted the students, but just in that one night, I saw eyes opened,” said Maxwell. “I pray that the same thing has carried since then.”

Maxwell said that God clearly revealed that he wanted Maxwell to be the one to speak.

“This was meant to facilitate revival that has clearly begun on CBC campus,” said Maxwell. “The greatest thing we could do is facilitate God’s work through everything we do.”

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