A series in Judges: Conclusion

A series in Judges: Conclusion

In this series of Judges, we have seen a transition period from the conquest of the promised land to the establishment of Kings of Israel. As the people fall into sin and rebellion time and time again, the Lord continually provides a deliverer to save them from their enemies. 

These deliveries never fit a single mold, rather they are from all backgrounds and upbringings. God chose culturally insignificant people that society would have shamed and rejected. 

He chooses a left-handed, possibly disabled man, Ehud, to deliver his people. God chooses a woman, Deborah, when women in those times were shown little to no respect, and he uses her to lead the Israelites. Jael, a housewife, strikes down the military commander of one of the strongest armies in those days. Gideon, a fearful coward, is chosen to lead 300 troops into battle against over 10,000 Philistines. 

The Lord does not follow the trend of choosing strong and popular leaders, but rather, he finds those who are willing to devote their entire lives to the calling he has placed upon their lives. He brings people from the lowest of estates and raises them to power for his glory. When God uses weak and feeble people, his power is displayed in them as they overcome all odds to accomplish the purposes God has prepared for them.

At the end of the book, a fateful reality is stated in Judges 20:25, “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Soon after this period, the Israelites will decide they too want a king to be like the surrounding nations of the area. 

Even in God’s choosing of a king for the nation of Israel, he doesn’t choose the strongest, smartest man in the country, but he chooses a shepherd boy named David. 

Thank God that he uses ordinary people like you and I to accomplish his will on earth. The only thing he needs from us is a willing heart and an obedient attitude to do mighty things for his kingdom. 


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