Bible: Preaching, teaching, and speaking Photo by Abigail Weihe

Bible: Preaching, teaching, and speaking

Virgil Porter, Bible department chair, said that students major in Bible to get a Christian education while learning more about the Bible and God.

“Graduates with a Bible degree from CBC can serve as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, worship leaders, youth pastors, childrens’ directors, private christian school staff, chaplains and teachers of Bible study groups and Sunday school classes in their local church,” said Porter. “You can learn how to study, interpret, preach and teach the Bible, as well as how to deal with people, lead and conduct a worship service.”

Junior Andrew Davis is majoring in the Bible department because he said he felt a calling on his life to go and be a servant of Jesus Christ. He said Ephesians 4:1 shows how the Lord calls those to walk in their calling to him.

“Someone should join the Bible department for multiple reasons. First, obviously, if you are feeling a calling from the Father to be a pastor, teacher, leader, worship leader, etc.” said Davis. “Getting this degree is a great start in terms of growing your faith and having a deeper, stronger understanding of who God is.” 

Senior Noah Pratt is aspiring to be a pastor and said the Bible degree can help him advance his knowledge and study of the Bible.

“My plan is to go to Midwestern seminary in Kansas City and then pastor a church,” said Pratt. “The Bible degree has helped me get a foundational knowledge of how to pastor and a broad understanding of the Bible.”


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