June 12, 2021
New job, same home: Mayo discusses department transfer and his love for CBC

New job, same home: Mayo discusses department transfer and his love for CBC

Michael Mayo, former housing director, has taken on a new position as associate athletic director and says the new job is going well.

“The coaches have been extremely welcoming!” he said. “We really have a fantastic team of coaches that want their students to succeed on and off the field of play.”

Mayo says he will now deal with advancement of the athletic department instead of the day-to-day work in student life. Mayo says he loves CBC and advises people to take advantage of the opportunity to be in a community that genuinely cares about each person.

Mayo came to CBC in 2007 to play basketball and study physical therapy.

“I wanted to attend an institution that was Christ-based and a place that I could become involved on campus,” said Mayo, adding that he felt immediately a part of the CBC family and story.

Mayo grew up in a faith-based family.

“My family taught me at an early age about God and my relationship, or lack thereof at the time, with Him,” he said. “For a period of time, I viewed Christ as a someone from history.”

Mayo believed that God existed, but did not participate in a relationship with Him. Eventually, Mayo said the Lord opened his eyes to the fact that he was separated from Him and showed Mayo that even though his sin placed Jesus on the cross, He chose to die to save his soul from eternal separation from Him.

Mayo says his new job has taught him that we never know what the next chapter of our lives will hold, but we can look forward to what is to come with great anticipation.

“God has placed me in all sorts of new areas, such as being the new associate athletic director, but it is amazing to see how He prepares me for each step before I take it,” he said.

Photo by Mary Rice

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