Mustangs send their seniors off with a victory against Park University

The CBC baseball team took home a win on the last day of their series against Park University with a score of 12-8, earning the fifth seed in the upcoming American Midwest Conference tournament. This game was also senior day, where all of the graduating senior players were recognized and honored before the game.

Looking back on the season, there are many memorable moments, but the one that Brister says is the most memorable to him doesn’t involve them playing on a baseball field.

“My most memorable moment of the season was seeing ten of my players choose to follow Christ as their Savior during our annual Winter Baseball Retreat,” says Brister. “[That’s] better than any win on the diamond!”

Brister also feels that his players have not only grown as a team this season but as individuals as well.

“These men grew in wisdom and stature! We are called to be salt and light [and] I feel like our team grew in both areas,” says Brister.

Senior Dylan Crossley started as pitcher for the Mustangs in his final game and says he’s grown a lot this season.

“I’ve grown spiritually and mentally in the game of baseball and life, but I can tell the experience helps out a lot in the game,” says Crossley.

From senior pack drives to being a leader and helping his teammates out, Crossley has many memorable moments from this season. However, the most important one to him would have to be leaving a true legacy.

“[I’m going to miss] the routine of going hard and competing for the glory of the Lord,” says Crossley. “ The teammates and the lifelong brotherhood I made.”

Crossley says that this game had some meaning and feels that this was his best start he’s had in his five years of playing baseball at CBC.

“It was the best dream of my life, pitching for the guys that couldn’t make it on the team and for a couple of my passed family members within the year,” says Crossley. “Also, my dad has had two heart attacks and [he’s] still pushing through, so I wanted to show my efforts of overcoming adversity when it counts the most.”

Senior Austin Kuchinski says that his most unforgettable part of the season would have to be senior day.

“The most memorable moment for me was having almost my entire family from Georgia come into town, along with all of the other seniors’ families that came in,” says Kuchinski. “It was awesome to see all the support for our seniors.”

They also took time during the game to honor Cody Miller, who passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2016.

“We also honored Cody ‘Gracey’ Miller who would have been a senior this year [and] many of his family members came to accept his plaque,” says Brister. “It was an amazing day!”

Brister says that the vision for the baseball program is building a tradition and leaving a legacy. He also has some advice for his graduating players.

“My advice to our seniors is my life verse: Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10)!” says Brister.

Brister reflects on the things that his seniors have accomplished during their time playing for the CBC Mustangs baseball team.

“These men have broken records, set records and been a catalyst to our program to break even more records,” says Brister. “They have played the game The Mustang Way [and] each of them will be successful at whatever they put their mind to. To God be the Glory!” 

   Photo by Mallory Sullivan

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