June 12, 2021
Distinguishing the danger in times of terror Photo by Mallory Sullivan

Distinguishing the danger in times of terror

Scary masks and playful disguises run around most neighborhoods during one of the most controversial nights of the year. Oct. 31 has sparked many discussions over what Christians should embrace in the world of celebration. 

Many point to the celebration’s history of appeasing demons and witches as the reason Christians should avoid it. Others see no problem with making fun of the undead or dressing like a witch. 

The Bible never proclaims, “Thou shalt not dress up thy children and allow them to beg for candy.” Amid all of this confusion, it becomes apparent that every Christian must question for themselves: what about Halloween is actually evil?

Instead of pointing to the history of Halloween as the answer for the question above, perhaps we need a better understanding of our enemy. As Christians, we face a real adversary that seeks to harm us. Unfortunately, many Christians know too little about our enemy, or they are fascinated by his ways in an unhealthy manner. In order to avoid both camps of darkness, we must ask God to shine light on the subject. He does not want to leave us in the dark, because knowledge is a weapon we can use against the enemy.

This enemy is sometimes called the devil, or the Satan. Satan means “Accuser” in Hebrew. He is not the opposite of God, but he does fight against Him. But one of the most obvious characteristics of the devil is that he deceives us. John 8:44 warns, “When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” It certainly seems as though the enemy’s lies are all around us, making us question our very existence. In order to fight this deception, the best place to begin is the Bible. Only the Word of God is trustworthy enough for us to combat the devil’s lies.

Our enemy paralyzes us with fear, isolating us from the very people who could help us. Often, the things we fear are legitimate, but the isolation is a work of the devil. God calls us to live in community with others and to love each other as Christ did. But God also calls us to be loved by others as well. Otherwise, we are seriously impaired for the work of the kingdom.

Our enemy does not know everything. While he may be extremely smart, he can only discern our thoughts through previous decisions and the emotion we show. He does not know all of God’s plans. This can be used to our advantage if we recognize that the enemy is more in the dark than we are. 

This Halloween season, when the scary masks and playful disguises take to the streets again, Christians need to be more aware of the enemy. We need to know how he works and what his end goal is. Most importantly, we do not need to get caught up in controversy or division over what is right or wrong. Out of love for our fellow Christians, and to be true to our consciences, we must each search our own hearts and recognize where the enemy is leading us into division.

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