June 12, 2021
Soul Still-Shot from Official Trailer


When considering the afterlife, it is unlikely that the idea of blue blobby people and line art individuals named Jerry are the first things thought of;  however, for Disney this is what is offered. 

On Christmas Day, Pixar released its second film of the year, “Soul,” providing a possible look into the great beyond.

In contrast to “Onward,” which focused on a mythical realm, a quest between Elven brothers, “Soul” focuses on a simple man who was forced to reevaluate his situation and what it truly means to live.

Just as middle school band director Joe Gardner begins to settle into his full-time teaching position, the opportunity to follow his dreams as a jazz pianist arose. Immediately after seeing his dreams come to life, they were ripped away when he falls into a sewer hole and dies. As with all Disney films, the sudden loss becomes the turning point of the film.

The next time Joe opened his eyes, he is on a bridge to the other side; however, he is far from ready to go. While trying to return to Earth and his body, he discovered a new way to return, by hitching a ride from another soul’s “spark” or reason to be alive. After being matched with Troubled Soul 22, the adventure to find her spark leads them to earth. 

This journey is filled with excitement, humor and jazz. Pixar’s development in animation is clear with its incredible details and coloring that set tones and moods across the film. 

“Soul” explores the fear of death. The film invites viewers to re-examine their definition of what it means to live. Life is not valued by achievements nor is it experienced in routine but found in simple moments. With beautiful views, the laughter of a loved one, a moving melody, Pixar challenges viewers to rediscover their outlook on life by adjusting their path. 

“Soul” was an unexpected joy. With its unique plot and moving characters, by the time the credits roll, viewers can expect a full heart and a new perspective. “Soul” can be streamed on Disney+.

This film deserves nothing less than a 5/5.

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