Hide your keys, hide your valuables

A series of recent car break-ins has been occurring in the Conway and Little Rock area.

This is more than just a problem for the population of Conway and Little Rock. It is a huge problem for us, the college students, who already struggle with so many things at once. We have to remember and focus on keeping our cars safe.

CBC is not a stranger to thieves and car-jackers. I remember when I was a freshman and sophomore hearing all about how suspicious characters roamed the Dickson Hall parking lot at night, looking into each and every car and testing to see if they were locked. They were caught and dealt with as soon as they were spotted. This similar situation is happening now, except all around the city.

Being a college student is time-consuming and stressful and busy and many other things that would never fit in this article. The one thing you wouldn’t want to happen is for your car to be broken into and having your valuables stolen.

Erin Wesbecher, resident life area coordinator, relayed some information from Chris Mitchell, director of campus safety, to those living in upperclassmen housing, but these three things are good practice for anyone on campus.

  1. Lock your car. ALWAYS.
  2. Do not leave valuables in your car, even if you lock it. Including bags/backpacks/purses. Vandals will break the glass if they think there’s something to get.
  3. If you ever see anyone lurking around your vehicles at home or on campus, let Chris Mitchell or Erin Wesbecher know.

These key points that Wesbecher shares are applicable for any CBC student, faculty, staff and worker, in addition to any Conway resident that might be reading this article. Try to be safe, be smart and be intentional about locking your cars and keeping personal belongings with you.

Photo by Jessica Sawyer

Caity Baker-Worsley is a senior Psychology major and is a radio DJ and assistant web editor for Tower Media. She loves K-POP and anything to do with the Korean culture.

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