Authenticity of aliens: are UFO sightings only a coincidences?

Are we alone in the universe? Is Earth a wholly unique phenomenon within the expanse of space? If these questions have kept you awake at night, or at the very least gnawed at the back of your thoughts before, then you aren’t the only one.

Whether the issue is approached from a cosmological standpoint or examined through a biblical lens, the question of the existence of extraterrestrial life has been a subject of debate ever since mankind’s ambitions first turned to the stars, and it is unlikely that you will meet anyone without an opinion on the subject.

Without a doubt, some evidence seems to be out there. Be it the vast amounts of supposed eyewitness claims of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as the extraterrestrials therein, or even the most recent video footage released courtesy of the United States Navy depicting what clearly seem to be flying saucers, something currently unexplained by common conventional knowledge seems to be occurring on a wide scale. Certainly, if we assume that half of the eyewitness accounts and claims of abduction are not elaborate lies, and we look at these events with our minds set on the idea of extraterrestrials, it becomes easier to understand why 77 percent of Americans believe aliens visited the Earth, according to a 2012 National Geographic poll.

On the other hand, looking at these events through the eyes of a skeptic, many of these stories quickly begin to unravel and plausible explanations often present themselves. In the case of the video captured by United States Naval forces, while we do not know what these objects are, the possibility remains these UFOs could have been domestic or foreign experimental aircraft straying into that airspace. Coinciding with this thought process, was it really a coincidence that the UFO cultural boom happened alongside the confirmed development of experimental aircraft as the United States grappled with the Cold War? Maybe, but my gut tells me that is not likely.

So, is there life beyond the realm of our little blue world? Perhaps. There was once a period where conventional Western thought maintained that the only thing West of Spain was water and eventually Asia, until the Americas and their native peoples were discovered by accident. Until the conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life presents itself, however, I will continue to reside firmly within the skeptical 33 percent.

Graphic made in Adobe Spark by Caity Baker-Worsley

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