March 5, 2021
Students voice opinions on abortion after New York passed the Reproductive Health Act

Students voice opinions on abortion after New York passed the Reproductive Health Act

CBC students share their opinions about abortion in light of the passed Reproductive Health Act in New York.

The New York State Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act on the evening of January 22 which legalized abortions up to birth. According to an Associated Press story, the decision was made by the Democrat-led senate on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a move that state leaders said was needed to protect those rights.

Several students commented on the subjects above, but asked that their names not be used.

One freshman said they believe that abortion is acceptable until the embryo is considered a baby by the end of the second month of the pregnancy.

“I know a lot of women who want to abort…[under] certain circumstances, like how they can’t afford a baby or anything like that, but I think that if you’re going to wait all the way up ‘til you’re about to give birth, then go ahead and give it up for adoption so somebody can take care of it instead of…killing an actual life,” says the student.

A CBC senior feels that the topic of abortion has become more controversial, especially with the new law that has been put into place in New York.

“In a very blunt word, I would consider it murder. There are other options that one can look into, adoption being one of those,” says the student. “I believe that once you are conceived you are a human. A human that God created and that has a future.”

One sophomore says that most Christians think that abortion is against the Bible, but says they’re wrong.

“The Bible states that murder is wrong and therefore this is where Christians get their view on [abortion],” says the student.

The student views  abortion as someone’s choice up to heartbeat.

“I don’t think someone should have to have a consequence of 18 plus years because of an accidental pregnancy,”says the student. “The law being passed is [still] sad because little babies are going to be feeling the pain once they pass 20 weeks.”

A junior believes that having an abortion up until birth is ridiculous.

“It’s a human being from the time it’s created to the time that it’s born so I think [that] it’s wrong for them to be killed at any point, but ‘till birth is completely absurd,” says the student. “I think that if a woman is considering abortion, that they should also consider adoption.”

One junior considers this law to be immoral. They argue that mothers can say they don’t want their baby up until the day they are born because the mothers don’t think they can take care of it.

“I think that it’s wrong because it is life as you conceive it, and I also know that if you abort a baby you never know what that baby could’ve been,” says the student.

One student believes that women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies and the government should have a limited role when it comes to individuals’ private medical decisions.

“As Christians, we should offer our counsel, advice, and prayers to those in these types of circumstances,” says the student. “We are never called to pass condemnation or judgment onto others. Just be there with open arms, love, and compassion.”

The student also says that the law only applies to cases in which the mother’s life might be at risk or if the fetus isn’t viable.

“I believe the local government did a good job of representing its people and voters when making this decision which is their fundamental job,” says the student. “At the end of the day, an individual should always have a choice in almost anything concerning their medical health and well-being.”

Freshman Dawson James says this is wrong even when a secular viewpoint is considered.

“Even outside of a Christian standpoint, it would be wrong for [abortion] up to birth even from a moral standpoint,” says James.

James says if someone were to kill a newborn baby then they would go to prison.

“If somebody killed a newborn baby, [everyone] would think it’s completely immoral and that person would go to jail for several years, but if you kill it right before [the baby is born] apparently that’s no big deal,” says James. “There’s literally no difference between the two.”

One sophomore says the New York law is wrong, but doesn’t quite know where to stand when it comes to the pregnancy endangering the mother’s life.

“I honestly don’t know where I stand if the mother’s life is endangered by the child,”says the student.

According to an Associated Press story, the new law authorizes physician assistants to perform some abortions and moves the section of state law dealing with abortions from the criminal code to health statutes. This change decriminalizes abortion and could make it harder for assault, aggravated assault and attempted murder charges to be pressed if a pregnant woman is assaulted and loses her child. The story concludes that other states like Oregon, California, and Washington have already put protections for abortion rights in their state statue which gives them a legal roadblock if Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

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