December 2, 2021
Windows computer update

Windows computer update

Since Friday Oct 12, CBC has been experiencing technical difficulties when over 50 computers across campus were rendered out of order following the most recent Windows system update.

Henry Hill, campus IT support specialist, said that the update caused the affected computers to fall into an infinite reboot loop. It could not be fixed by resetting, much to the frustration of many CBC students and faculty. As a result, several student and faculty computers are unusable until the IT department is able to resolve the issue.

The update at the root of the dilemma was rolled out by Microsoft to the personal computers of Windows users in April of this year. The IT department had decided to push it out across CBC when it had been identified that only 64 of the campus’ 220 computers were up-to-date. Hill said that the following error was likely caused by the fact that the computers affected might have been at least two updates behind.

At the moment, only a few of the affected computers are still experiencing issues. This includes several computers and the printer in the Story Library and a handful between the lab in the Cooper Complex and faculty offices across campus. It took nearly 14 hours of direct attention to get these computers working again. IT is hopeful that they will have fully resolved these errors by Monday, Oct 22.

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