The Hall Wars competition continued last night, April 16, and the game has changed for several teams. The rankings for this mass event have changed since the opening night. However, some of the same teams who won individual games.

The first event of the night was 4-Way Dodgeball between the combined girls and guys teams. The game had the basic rules of dodgeball, but there were four teams playing at once instead of two. The winner of this game was the combined white and black teams, which were the girls and guys from the second floor in Dickson Hall.

The next event was the Bow and Arrow Shoot. At this event, the main goal was to aim an arrow and hit the target as accurately on the target as the teams could, with different players taking turns. The grey team won this game.

Finally, the night ended with a game of musical chairs, but this game had a twist on it as well. Officially called Extreme Musical Chairs, when someone would get out, they got a mystery envelope containing a range of both positive and negative impacts to the game or to Hall Wars overall. The winner of this game was the white team, which makes this their third win this year to date. This win allowed them to move up to first place in the rankings.

Pity points were awarded to the red team for having several bad coincidences happen to their team. Enthusiasm points were given to the white and black team for showing a great sense of sportsmanship during the games.

The rankings of the teams overall:

  1. White team- 82 points
  2. Grey team- 75 points
  3. Red team- 65 points
  4. Black team- 57 points
  5. Purple team- 52 points
  6. Pink team- 51 points
  7. Blue team- 39 points
  8. Green team- 37 points

Photo by Louisa Henderson

Senior Rachel Burns is assistant editor for the CBC Tower website and also a cartoonist/artist for the Tower newspaper. She is primarily studying English but is also studying communications and musical theater. In her spare time, she procrastinates on folding her laundry.

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