December 2, 2021
The debut of 2019 Hall Wars

The debut of 2019 Hall Wars

Last night, April 15, kicked off the fifth annual week of Hall Wars, where students come together to play some abstract and challenging games for the prize of bragging rights. The night had a slow start, with not many students showing up at first, but time went by and more came. By the end of the night, every team was accounted for.

There were three events last night, which were all held in and around the Story Library: Egg-scuse Me?, Paper Ball Throwdown and the Dewey Decimal Dash. There were different winners for each game, so several teams got the taste of victory.

The kick-off event for Hall Wars was Egg-scuse Me?, where students had to balance an egg on a spoon and complete an obstacle course, trading in people for each section of the course. The team with the fastest time won the game. The winning team for this event was the white team, which is comprised of the guys on the second floor in Dickson Hall and the 324 Center Street overflow house. Second place was comprised of two teams, green and purple, because they each only had one representative from their teams. The green team is comprised of the guys on the third floor of Dickson and the 320 Center Street overflow house and the purple team is comprised of the guys on the first floor of Dickson and the 1534 Bruce Street overflow house. The team who placed third was the red team, which was made up of the upperclassmen and commuter girls.

The second event was the Paper Ball Throwdown, inside the Story Library. At this event, students wadded up balls of paper and aimed it at certain parts of the floor for different point values, the lowest being zero and the highest being 10. The pink team, made up of the third floor Dickson girls, won this game. One point behind them was the white team, who fell behind at the last throw of a paper ball. The next highest score was by the red team, who placed third two events in a row.

The last event of the night was the Dewey Decimal Dash, which was a relay to find books in the library with just the location number and an underlined number. The underlined numbers made up a code to a specific lock for each team and the first team to open the lock won the game. This event’s winner was the grey team, which was the upperclassmen and commuter guys. In second place was the black team, which was made up of the girls on the second floor of Dickson, and in third place was the pink team.

At the end of the night, the purple team got pity points for having only one person show up the whole night. The grey team also received extra points for their enthusiasm.

The overall standings are as follows:

  1. Grey team, 39 points
  2. White team, 32 points
  3. Red team, 31 points
  4. Pink team, 26 points
  5. Purple team, 25 points
  6. Green team, 24 points
  7. Blue team, 23 points
  8. Black team, 12 points

Photo by Hannah London

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