Students begin SOAPing again this fall

What is SOAP? Not the soap that’s used when washing your hands, but the SOAP that’s used when studying the Bible.

Junior Zac Lee says that SOAP is a tool that’s used to help people study God’s word.

“It stands for scripture, observation, application, and prayer,” says Lee.

  • S- Scripture: taking a section of scripture from the Bible and reading it through and picking out the verses that stand out.
  • O- Observation: writing down what is happening in the verse.
  • A- Application: taking what has been observed and applying it to life.
  • P- Prayer: praying about what God has shown the reader and how the reader can apply it in life.

Lee will be changing things up for SOAP groups this year. He’s partnering with junior Nathaniel Lawrence for MUD groups. MUD stands for Mustangs Under Discipleship.

“MUD will be a group of four people with one leader meeting once a week to [discuss] what they learned in scripture and talk about their struggles and sin in life. SOAP is the cleaning aspect where you’re reading the word and God’s word is cleansing you,” says Lee.

Lawrence will be training the small group leaders of SOAP.

“I won’t be directly teaching any small groups, but I will be over the leaders themselves as a support and accountability for them,” says Lawrence.

Lawrence says that they will be training the leaders specifically on discipleship.

“We’re training them on the curriculum and how to train and disciple students to become mature believers,” says Lawrence.

Senior Stephanie Battles is the Dickson women’s third floor RA and will be a SOAP group leader this year. Battles explains that Lee wanted smaller groups this year.

“[One of the things that will be different this year is] being closer with a smaller group of people so that people will be comfortable with sharing,” says Battles.

Battles says that she would like her whole floor to be involved, whether they’re in her group or not.

Lee explains that the SOAP method is used to help people apply what they’re reading in life.

“A lot of people just get caught up in their quiet times and people read their scripture and that’s it. It’s like a checklist, they read their Bible but they’re not applying it,” explains Lee.

Though things will be different, there will still be SOAP merges and Lee is hoping to have a SOAP merge the last Thursday of September. Lee goes on to explain he’d like to see more people involved in SOAP groups.

“Last year we had about 20 people at SOAP merges and I’d really like to see 50 at SOAP merges [this year],” says Lee.

Photo by Jessica Sawyer

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