Harvest was a party

Students made Harvest Party memories despite traditions being changed compared to past years.

The festivities began just after 6:30 p.m. in the Mabee Student Center with men in the dining hall and women in the community room. The couples converged in the student center where their picture was taken. 

“It was fun, (but) I didn’t know what to do when I walked out on the carpet,” said freshman Andrew Krisell. Many things about Harvest were new, including how students dressed.

“This year felt almost like Vogue, and so people wore whatever they wanted, whatever they preferred,” says senior Zac Tyson. 

Freshman Allison Mantooth and junior Abby Herring agreed in saying that they both like dressing up. Students were taking pictures together throughout the night. After everyone walked the red carpet, the buffet opened.

Many students liked the mac-and-cheese over the main dish, chicken cordon bleu.

“If I could’ve just had a bowl of the mac-and-cheese, I would have been fine,” says Mantooth. 

Harvest royalty was a bit different this year. There was a red carpet twist to the titles given out. “Guy most likely to walk an actual red carpet” was junior Matt Guyton. He celebrated by doing the Spongebob Shuffle. “Girl most likely to walk an actual red carpet” was freshman Kat Carson. 

“I’d like to thank God and Doc Martens,” said Carson after receiving her trophy. 

“Best dressed guy” was awarded to sophomore Keegan Conway. “Best dressed girl” was awarded to junior Sydney Hawkins. Junior Andrew Guyton and sophomore Mallory Sullivan were awarded “best couple.” 

After the awards ceremony, students either continued taking pictures and then proceeded to the Brewers bonfire, or students stayed for the live band.

“I liked that we danced in the library,” said Mantooth. “I wish we could’ve scrapped the rules about dancing completely and let people know about it and just dance and have a good ol’ time.” 

The band performed covers of popular songs. The songs that received the most reactions were “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston, “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty and “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake. 

There was a slightly lower attendance for the live band because students wanted to attend the annual bonfire.

“I like tradition,” said Herring. “It was a lot of change at one time. I think the changes were cool and neat, but since it all happened at one time it was kind of overwhelming.” 

Students were eager, nervous and skeptical about the changes that were made for Harvest this year for a variety of reasons.

While everything felt new, it was exciting. 

“I had a good time (because) I enjoyed who I was with,” says Herring. “That’s what makes every Harvest fun; not the theme, not the food, but who you’re with.”

Photo by Sydney Hawkins

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