Students and faculty make the switch to online learning

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The school released an official statement March 16 with new information about what they were planning to do with classes after Spring Break.

CBC’s classes will be fully held online starting with Sunday, March 30. Despite the classes being online, the campus will reopen after Spring Break for all students.

After March 30, buildings on-campus will be open during the day. Story Library will not be open the normal hours, but will be open from 8-5 every weekday, and residents of Dickson Hall will be able to move back into the dorms. All office hours and operation hours will stay the same for faculty and staff.

Details about students’ options after Spring Break were given at an all-resident meeting March 16 by dean of students and director of campus safety, Chris Mitchell.

He said that residents of Dickson Hall can come back Sunday, March 30, but are not required to. If the students decide to completely move out of the dorms, Mitchell asks to let him know and take the necessary actions to move out before Spring Break, but if it is not possible to talk with him personally.

Residents of upperclassmen housing have a similar deal, where they are able to stay but are not required to. 

Mitchell recommended students who will travel out of state to do a couple things before leaving for Spring Break. The first is to do research on that state’s Health Department website to educate themselves about the areas they are traveling. 

The second is to contact him if there were any cases of COVID-19 in the county that student is staying in over Spring Break.

Sancy Faulk, vice president of advancement, spoke about why the school cancelled classes March 18-20.

“These three days of cancelled classes are not three days to take an extra vacation,” Faulk said. “[The public schools] are begging people to stay at home, and that’s what it’s for … to self-quarantine at home and let this settle a little bit.”

In a student forum March 16, President Terry Kimbrow and Faulk both encouraged students to read updates sent through the school email.

Faulk said that the emails, news releases and social media posts from the college will be the most reliable sources of information among the rumors that may surface in the midst of the situation with COVID-19.

Kimbrow said that he encourages the students to read up about the virus on the websites of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and each state’s Department of Health, which will be posted below.

Find the school’s official statement here.

Find information from the CDC on COVID-19 here

Find information from the Arkansas Department of Health on COVID-19 here.

Correction made March 18 at 1:45:

It was previously published that the Story Library would operate at normal hours after March 30, but in actuality, they will only be open from 8-5 Monday-Friday.

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