June 12, 2021
CBC creates new scholarship for WISH program

CBC creates new scholarship for WISH program

In the fall 2018 semester, Central Baptist College began offering a new scholarship to any female students in the Professional Adult College Education program on campus.

The scholarship was created through the efforts of the CBC initiative Women In Support of Hope (WISH) with the intent to provide an opportunity for women to be able to pursue a higher education that may not be able to otherwise. Since the program’s founding in 2017, WISH has sought to work with various local nonprofit agencies to identify potential candidates that would benefit from the scholarship most.

“What we’re looking to do through [the WISH] program is to affect generational change in families,” said Sancy Faulk, vice president for advancement.

The WISH program is more than just a scholarship. WISH also helps women prepare for the job market by teaching different skills like resume writing, networking and professional dress, as well as help the women develop spiritual skills by providing Bibles and Bible study materials.

The WISH program has already seen success in providing their first scholarship to Ashanti Williams, a widow and mother of two.

CBC and the WISH Circle, the membership group of donors to the WISH program, are moving forward with the intent of giving the opportunity for a higher education to many more women in the spring semester.

Applications for the scholarship are currently accepted year-round. Any students who do decide to apply must submit a personal essay, along with three letters of recommendation and a FAFSA form. More details on the application and donation processes can be found on the CBC website.

Graphic made in Adobe Spark by Caity Baker-Worsley

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