June 12, 2021
Band hall is ready for move-in

Band hall is ready for move-in

Central Baptist College band is starting the new year off using the new band hall that was built during the fall semester.

“I’m excited, and I hope that it will increase the quality of our sound, not only during practice but during performances as well,” said junior Jessica Hager. “I believe that it will allow the band program to develop its already strong talent.”

When the building of the band hall was confirmed, Tim Gunter, director of bands, took band students into the rooms that would soon be turned into their new band hall. Gunter and the students prayed over the rooms, giving all the glory to God for providing the new band program with a quality space to practice music that worships the Lord.

“President Kimbrow worked very hard from the beginning,” said Gunter. “But what I appreciate most is his constant prayer for God’s guidance. I am both very excited and humbled about our new band hall.”

Gunter said he knew the band would need a place to call home eventually, but he said he never dreamed of a hall like the one he now has.

“I’m super thankful for the new band hall,” said junior Max Sullivan. Sullivan said he feels Gunter is a great leader for encouraging diligent prayer, and he can’t wait to start playing in the new band venue.

The band students will move from practicing in the auditorium to the band hall in the music wing of the Cooper Complex a few weeks into the spring semester. The band has grown from 14 students in the 2016-17 school year to 30 students this semester.

“I want to thank God for his blessings and perfect timing, and the anonymous donor for making such a huge difference in the life and growth of this band program,” said Gunter.

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