June 12, 2021
Andrew Krisell Photo by Allison Mantooth

Andrew Krisell

Andrew Krisell is one of the handful of twins on CBC’s campus.

“I don’t have a twin,” said Krisell. Him and his brother are from Greenbrier.

Before attending CBC, Krisell jumped ahead by taking college classes and is now technically a sophomore even though this is his first year of college. Krisell is a Bible major with a minor in Christian care. 

According to Krissel, CBC was the perfect choice because he doesn’t have to pay for housing. Another reason for him coming was because of the scholarships.

“I … came to CBC because it’s the closest [college] to my house,” said Krisell. “I live 30 minutes away, 22 minutes if I get all green lights and no traffic.” Additionally, the Bible major was another reason.

“My favorite class this semester is Introduction to Pastoral Ministry,” said Krisell. He went on to explain that the classwork is enjoyable and the small dynamic only boosts the engaging atmosphere. Even with Krisell’s enjoyment of some classes, he says there always seems to be stress surrounding this time in the semester.

“I’m passionate about sleeping right now because it’s midterms,” said Krisell. 

Along with classes, Krisell also involves himself in student organizations such as the Student Activities Board and he hopes to be on SOS. Whenever Krisell is not doing campus activities, he spends his free time listening to music.

Krisell will listen to anything except country or K-pop.

“If I could understand them I feel like I would enjoy it a lot more,” said Krisell, in regards to K-pop. One of his favorite artists is currently Jen Ledger the drummer of Skillet, specifically her solo project. Another way Krisell passes the time is spending time with friends.

Krisell feels accomplished that he’s made such great friends at CBC who have accepted him for who he is.

“I do anything stupid and slightly harmful to my body for fun,” said Krisell. “I’ll eat anything off the floor if you tell me [and] I own three swords.”

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