Freshman Alexa Golden from Searcy has a dream to be a neonatal nurse. Majoring in health science, Golden wants to assist in saving tiny babies lives and give them the opportunity to change the world one day.

Golden came to CBC not only have the opportunity to further her academics, but also her athletic career. Golden said that is something she has always dreamed of doing.

Here on campus, Golden plays softball, “My biggest achievement was being awarded All-American at the biggest tournament in softball.”

She was also named All-State in volleyball and softball in high school.

Golden has other passions as well.

“In high school for Bible class, every week we would go to the Sonshine School in Searcy,” said Golden, “This school is for children and adults with special needs. We got to spend a couple hours with them doing activities such as, basketball, walking, soccer or simply sitting and talking when they need a friend!”

Golden says that family plays a big role in her life. She said they are her biggest support system, and her mother and father have supported her with whatever she thrives to do. Sports are a big part of Golden’s family’s life, as both Golden and her brother play a sport.

“My parents spent most of their parenting years in a gym, on a field or wherever we were playing ball,” said Golden.

Spiritually, Golden’s grandparents have been the biggest influence. Golden said that all of her family encourages her daily, even being an hour away because of college.

“Without my family, I would be so lost,” said Golden.

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Food: Grandma’s home cooked fried potatoes

Animal: Sea Turtles

Book: “So B. It” by Sarah Weeks

Movie/TV Show: “Finding Nemo”, “Gilmore Girls”


Authored by Kaylyn Shankle.

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