June 12, 2021
Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones

Senior Rachael Jones came to CBC to play softball, but said she found that the team and the college changed her in many ways. 

 “The softball team really has grown me into the person I am today and we talk about it all the time, seeing the difference in who I was as a freshman,” said Jones. 

During Jones’s college search, she said it was a priority to find a school where she could continue her softball career while getting a reliable teaching degree. After looking at other schools, CBC became the best option. 

“I checked out other schools, but felt the most comfortable here,” said Jones.

Jones grew up going to church and got saved at a very young age. Jones said that she was confident in her faith going into college. 

“I came into CBC as a firm believer, I knew where I stood; I knew where I was in my relationship with Christ and knew I wanted to pursue Him,” said Jones. 

At the beginning of her time at CBC, Jones said she didn’t realise how legalistic her relationship with Christ had become. 

“I was a very cookie-cutter Christian,” said Jones. “[Blantiantly] wrong or right, there are no grey areas. It was just this is what you are supposed to do, so I’m going to do it. So the relational aspect of faith wasn’t really focused. [Because of that], people would occasionally look at me as judgemental.” said Jones.   

After realizing that she needed to change Jones renewed her relationship with Jesus and a goal to love people fully.  

“My mindset went from ‘I’m doing all the right things because that’s what I am supposed to be doing,’ to ‘doing the right things because I want to glorify God,’ ” said Jones. “It moved from doing the right thing and being turned off from the wrong thing to, I am going to make relationships with unbelievers try to lead them the best I can in gentleness and in love,”

When asked if she would encourage other people to go to CBC Jones says that she would. 

“I haven’t lived every aspect of CBC, but I would encourage every softball player I know to go through the softball program,” said Jones. “I have gone through the education classes and most of the general education, and the softball program and I can not say enough good things about them.” 

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