June 12, 2021
Bobby Jeffers Photo by Kat Carson

Bobby Jeffers

Nontraditional student and kitchen night manager Bobby Jeffers has a unique CBC experience that has brought him to the college more than once as a student.

“I originally went here 20 years ago, and I grew to love the place then, and when we moved to Conway it just so happened that God worked things out the right way and I ended up back here,” said Jeffers.

During his first time as a student studying at CBC, Jeffers said he never declared a major and never got far enough for a degree due to life interrupting his studies, but the school developed a place in his heart from the beginning. 

Working for a car dealership in Jacksonville for 15 years doing finance, Jeffers said he loved working in sales; however, working 60-hour work weeks  with a family isn’t ideal.

“I put my wife through nursing school, and then after she got done, it was my turn, and so I did a career change,” said Jeffers.

CBC has a paud tuition policy for full time employees, so this provided Jeffers with the hope of finishing his education. The man who had never stepped foot into a kitchen said he quickly learned to cook and began bonding with students while working towards business administration.

“I feel like [business administration]  is really universal with my past work history and with a business finance degree,” said Jeffers. 

In his time on staff, he said he has been exposed to many different job areas and these have led him to realize he would like to eventually end up in customer services.

Outside of campus, Jeffers stays busy with his children as well as being a member of Second Baptist Church. With his free time, he mentors men going through open addictions in partnership with Renewal Ranch. 

“I’m a graduate of Renewal Ranch and a darker part of my life that they helped me get out. That’s why we ended up moving to Conway, because I wanted to be closer to that ministry so I’m really involved there,” said Jeffers. 

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