April 16, 2021
All roads point to Mustangs Photo by Lena Srdanov

All roads point to Mustangs

The week before freshman Lindsey Ebarb was to leave for Southern Arkansas University, a truck hit her car and totaled it.

Originally from Cedarville, just outside of Fort Smith, Ebarb was planning to attend SAU in Magnolia with intentions to play softball and be on the dance team. But, according to Ebarb, God had different plans.

Two weeks before Ebarb was supposed to move to Magnolia, her dad had to get a quadruple bypass surgery on his heart and was in the ICU for the next two weeks. While Ebarb’s dad was in the ICU, her car was totaled by a truck. Then soon after her dad had been released, his lungs collapsed.

“This was all the day before I was supposed to move into SAU,” said Ebarb. After this, Ebarb felt God was directing her to attend CBC instead of SAU. 

“I couldn’t be happier. I love it here,” said Ebarb.

Ebarb’s major is elementary education with an emphasis on learning disabilities. She loves kids and wants to teach the second and third grades.

“I want to be the person that pulls kids that have autism or Asperger’s out of class and then works with them one-on-one,” said Ebarb.

In addition to teaching, Ebarb, who is pursuing a minor in missions, plans to teach Sunday school on the mission field. She said once she decides to move out of teaching, she would like to be in charge of professional development training.

“I would like to … [train] teachers how to handle kids that have things like Asperger’s or any kind of mental block,” said Ebarb. 

Another aspect of Ebarb’s life that she holds dear is her family. While Ebarb cherishes family, she said that family is not always blood.

According to Ebarb, a lot of family members have made little to no effort to have any sort of relationship and if they do make an attempt, it’s typically toxic. She said that her mom, brother and sister came from a really difficult situation.

“So typically anyone that’s a good friend to me … that I’ve bonded with and has loved me, that’s family,” said Ebarb.

While Ebarb’s past may be filled with hardships, she still looks forward to making new friends and finishing her degree. 

Ebarb said that she typically hangs out in the library “bothering” her roommate, sophomore Ashleigh Daugherty, at the front desk. Ebarb also mentioned that Daugherty is vaguely similar to the character of Sheldon in Jordan’s favorite show, “The Big Bang Theory.”

“There’s a whole new side to Ashley that you meet when you live with her. It’s the Sheldon side,” said Ebarb.

In contrast to Ebarb’s favorite TV show, her favorite movie is “Hacksaw Ridge” because she says it shows an important perspective and symbolism of Christian life. Ebarb said that “Hacksaw Ridge” is very applicable to Christians and how witnessing to people consistently everyday is important to living like Christ. 

“At the end of the movie when he’s pulling out the bodies as he’s saving them and saying ‘God help me save one more,’ well, it’s the same thing in Christian life,” said Ebarb.

Along with movies and TV shows, Ebarb loves listening to music. Her top five favorite artists are Elton John, Josh Groban, Reba, Koffee and Lauren Daigle. Ebarb said she loves Elton John for his music as well as how he expresses himself through his clothes. Like Elton John, Ebarb also said that she likes expressing herself through the way she dresses, but there’s more to it than just the clothes.

“It’s not about the actual clothes. It’s about the feeling that comes with when I put them on,” said Ebarb. “I’m productive. I have energy. I command the room. I have authority. I’m successful because of it. I mean who does not want to put on a pair of colorful high heels every once in a while and strut their stuff? It’s an incredible amount of fun.”

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