January 15, 2021
Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

“Peter Rabbit,” directed by Will Gluck, is a modernized retelling of the classic children’s book written by Beatrix Potter. The movie is set in the British countryside, offering a beautiful blend of modern animation and stunning background scenery.

I enjoyed the subtle humor and childish antics that occurred throughout the movie between Peter Rabbit and his family and the dreaded Thomas McGregor. Jealousy is obviously Peter Rabbit’s motivation to continue tormenting Thomas, even as his beloved Bea began to grow feelings for Thomas.

After reading the books, however, it is clear the movie was not depicting the classic 1902 “Peter Rabbit” that Beatrix Potter wrote about in her children’s books. The jealous and narcissistic Peter Rabbit, although humorous to watch, cannot compete with the curious and mischievous Peter Rabbit that Potter wrote about in her books.

The movie by itself was amazing but, as a continuation to the children’s book series, it was poorly made. I give it a three out of five stars for not being true to the children’s book series and questionable plot line.

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Photo by Sony Pictures – © 2017 CTMG 

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