January 17, 2021
Last Christmas

Last Christmas

Although Christmas in November is considered by many to be a sin, “Last Christmas” is the perfect movie to begin the holiday season.

“Last Christmas” was released on Nov. 8, marking the beginning of the Christmas movie season. The movie follows a troubled, aspiring singer Kate, as played by Emilia Clarke, as she navigates a broken family, broken dreams and a disappointing holiday season. Kate’s miserable life takes a turn for the better when good-hearted Tom, played Henry Golding, appears in her life and her holiday season takes a turn for the better.

The movie held a light-hearted and slightly raunchy humor that had the audience cackling. It isn’t very often that a romantic movie follows a broken female chasing a put-together guy, leaving this movie a refreshing take at romantic movies. 

“Last Christmas” held the cheesy predictable moments of all Christmas rom-coms; however, the movie held surprises that left the entire audience astonished. 

Although there were some awkward moments, the movie was well paced and followed Kate through her search for identity as an immigrant and a heart-transplant survivor. The movie establishes that it is not our past that determines who we are, but the choices we make now and who we invest ourselves in. 

Overall, the movie was slightly above average for its genre and a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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